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Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)

Group Five’s SHEQ policy clearly articulates the company’s commitment to zero harm to people, communities and the environment. In line with this policy, we have implemented and continuously maintain an Integrated SHEQ management system to eliminate duplication of processes and procedures, as well as to ensure easy navigation through our various electronic documents. The standards we use include ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System). Our Integrated SHEQ Management System is certified by Dekra.


With the Group operating in countries with differing governance standards and cultures, a reputable zero harm health and safety framework developed and implemented provides guidance to our operations on delivering our health and safety commitment throughout. Our effective “Stop for Safety” programme continues to drive the desired behaviour towards personal safety. Our well documented management system outlines how to manage these risks effectively within the stages of the project management lifecycle thereby reducing risk as far as reasonably practical. Increasing and removing communication barriers remains of critical importance for achieving and maintaining “Zero Harm”.

Safety Zero Harm


The group has implemented a number of wellness programmes, including pre-employment medicals, risk or occupation-based routine medicals, wellness days, voluntary counselling, case management and exit medicals.

The group does voluntary counselling and testing every two years. Currently, 18% of the group’s employees are HIV positive or living with Aids.

To assure the “Zero Harm” philosophy, it is imperative that the most valued assets of our company remain healthy and are strengthened, both physically and mentally. This continues to be achieved through vigorous health and wellness programmes developed and successfully implemented for employees. Health concerns identified during the various stages of health screenings whilst in employment are closely monitored with our management provided with the necessary support to assist with the successful management. Malaria management continues to remain one of the key focusses for our cross-border employees by enforcing stringent preventative measures through targeted educational campaigns for those expected to be exposed. On return, these employees are closely monitored by our professional health care team. Additionally with operations being active within Western Africa, stringent hygiene and screening measures have been adopted for the protection of our employees; where necessary, complete isolation was adopted. This continues to be closely monitored for the protection of our employees.


The group has implemented a number of wellness programmes, including pre-employment medicals, risk or occupation-based routine medicals, wellness days, voluntary counselling, case management and exit medicals.



The Group’s environmental focus is centred on improving our environmental systems as well as proactively searching for environmentally sensitive methods of carrying out all aspects of our business. The conservation of natural resources is one of the key drivers in our decision making process while also providing opportunities for business growth. In order to fulfil these objectives Group Five is:

  • Continuously identifying and assessing environmental hazards with a view to implementing measures to mitigate or control
  • Improving systems and training programmes to increase individual awareness levels of environmental issues, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Identifying business opportunities within the environmental space.

To obtain the best results possible throughout the group the “green committee” was established. Members from each business unit provide contributions on focus areas such as:

  • Implementation of the group’s integrated environmental strategy
  • Roll-out of new electronic environmental system where and when necessary
  • Implementing world best practice procedures and keeping up to date with current technology and trends
  • Raising awareness through the group
  • Implementing energy-saving and conservation programmes as well as driving our Carbon Disclosure Project and carbon footprint reduction initiatives.

The group’s three main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions are electricity, diesel consumption and employee travel.

The group has focused programmes in place to minimise its carbon footprint.


Continuous Improvement and Customer Satisfaction

Continuous improvement at Group Five has become our way of doing business. One of the key strategies for all our business units, is to constantly improve the way in which contracts are executed. We have systems, procedures and processes in all our businesses to support our aim of total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Quality and Performance Excellence

Quality is important to our business and we value our clients and stakeholders . We strive to provide our clients and the markets that we serve with products and services which meet and exceed their expectations. Our goal is to achieve operational excellence in all aspects of our operations. We do this through the use of our Contract Life-Cycle (CLC) approach, our employees and a commitment to continuous improvement.