Koeberg Interchange, Cape Town, South Africa


Co-developer, equity participant and turnkey design-and-build contractor in transport concessions, EPC consortium partner for design-and-build of transport infrastructure, as well as multi-disciplinary constructor of roads, railways, ports, harbours and airports.

Drivers: Separation between populations and their required raw materials and goods, necessitating transport and increasing mobility of populations. Emerging market infrastructure demand.

What we do

Construction services

  • Heavy Civils
  • Marine Civils
  • Infrastructure
  • Bridge Construction
  • Buildings
  • Construction
  • Concessions Operator
  • Building Products

Heavy Civils

  • Bulk earthworks
  • Heavy concrete works
  • Large paved surfaces

Marine Civils

  • Quays
  • Harbour walls
  • Underwater construction
  • Jetties and sea walls

Construction of Infrastructure

  • Railways, road building and canals

Bridge Construction

  • Specialist skills in bridge launching and post tensioning


  • Construction of large buildings

Multi-disciplinary Construction

  • Mechanical, structural steel fabrication and erection
  • Piping
  • Electrical works
  • Supply of manufactured building components, construction steel and steel and fibre cement piping

Concessions Operator

  • Operations management, services and maintenance

Building Products

  • Construction materials
  • Manufactured building components
  • Construction steel
  • Steel and fibre cement piping
* Engineering, procurement and construction.

Businesses operating in this sector

Businesses operating in this sector

Some of our key contracts

2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Zimbabwe Roads Rehabilitation Project Durban Harbour New Ship-to-Shore Cranes Chota Motala Interchange Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project – Package E Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project – Package A and E
Zimbabwe South Africa South Africa South Africa South Africa
The scope of this project entailed the rehabilitation of the 822km east to west route in Zimbabwe, linking Botswana through Plumtree, Bulawayo, and Harare with Mutare on the Mozambique border. Works included topographical and geotechnical survey of the route, detailed design of required interventions including the design of modern toll plazas; reconstruction of carriageway and surface; widening and repair of existing carriageway and reseal; repair of existing road surface and reseal; installation of new road markings and signs to SADC standards; installation of new road furniture, i.e. guardrails, lay-bye tables and chairs and construction of nine modern plazas. Group Five constructed two 720-metre concrete quayside beams, installed crane rails, tie-down anchors and storm pins in the sea-side tunnels to facilitate the installation of the new Transnet ship-to-shore (STS) cranes. The seven cranes are the first and the largest STS cranes in Africa. The construction took place in the Durban container terminal, with the quay wall strengthened to facilitate off-loading the new large cranes. This contract in Kwazulu- Natal comprised an upgrade of the freeway from a four-lane carriage way to a six –lane free flowing and remodelled interchange. The interchange consisted of two major structures, including the demolition and the reconstruction of the grade separation bridge and incrementally launched fly-over bridge, as well as all associated works. Extensive lane additions and improvements to interchanges as part of SANRAL’s freeway improvements. Packages include lane additions and improvements to interchanges as part of SANRAL’s Gauteng Freeway Improvement.
2009 2008 2007 2006  
King Shaka International Airport Durban Harbour Entrance Widening Western Freeway Upgrade Phase 1 Road works – Cradock Upgrade  
South Africa South Africa South Africa South Africa  
Design and construction of an international airport in KwaZulu-Natal. See case study. Durban harbour entrance widened by 100 metres. Removal and replacement of existing northern breakwater, extension of southern breakwater and deepening of harbour entrance by three metres to a depth of 19 metres. Major upgrade and widening of a section of freeway between Khangella and tollgate bridges in KwaZulu-Natal. Upgrade of national Route 10 between Tarka bridge and Cradock, including two river bridges, rehabilitation and realignment of an existing road, floodplain fill and ancillary works.