Everite - Johannesburg, South Africa


Manufacturing comprises two business activities in Fibre Cement and Steel. It supplies product into Southern Africa including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe Angola and Malawi. Its modular structures travel further afield and include West and Central Africa.

Fibre Cement

Fibre Cement

Fibre Cement operates under the business of Everite and the brand Nutec. Everite manufactures a range of building material suitable for residential and industrial applications.

The primary product offering includes:

  • Ceiling boards
  • Internal and external cladding boards
  • Fascia boards and embossed building planks
  • Barge Boards
  • A range of pipe products and building columns


The business operates out of a large factory in Klipriver, South of Johannesburg with an installed fibre cement production capacity of 20 million m2. All products have been produced using non-asbestos fibres since 2002 and many new products are continually developed to suit changing market needs for internal and external cladding material.

Everite was one of the early pioneers of steel framed structures and wall sections in South Africa. These structures consume large quantities of fibre cement and as the market has developed, Everite has created a focused business entity called ABT (Advanced Building Technologies) in order to meet the demand for fast build high quality modular structures. These structures can be manufactured to design requirements and finished with a number of Everite cladding products and finishings.



Steel operates under the joint ventures of Barnes Reinforcing Industries (BRI) and Group Five Pipe. The cluster manufactures coated and lined large bore steel water pipes as well as a range of reinforcing steel products.

The primary product offering includes:

  • Reinforcing steel bars (rebar)
  • Welded building mesh
  • Binding wire and brick force
  • Large bore spirally welded coated and lined steel pipes

Barnes Reinforcing Industries (BRI)

BRI was formed in 2007 to serve the growing requirement for steel reinforcing products within the construction industry. Group Five entered into a joint venture agreement with the Barnes family with each partner having 50% of the entity. The business has grown aggressively and operates out of a new production facility in Spartan, Gauteng.

Group Five Pipe

Group Five Pipe is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of large diameter spiral weld steel pipes. Its products find application in water pipelines as well as industrial and commercial uses. The business focuses on large water pipeline contracts and specializes in setting up temporary facilities to satisfy remote projects as required.